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Electrolysis is the most effective and commercially successful method that is being employed in modern beauty therapies to remove and stop the growth of unwanted hair. The process involves inducing a low-level electric current via a sterile probe, which in turn destroys dermal papilla, thus retarding the growth of hair in the region.
Electrolysis is a permanent and easy method, which uses the latest available technology today. It takes you a step closer to enhancing your physical appearance. The process employed for hair removal depends upon ascertaining the reason for excessive hair growth, type of hair and the amount of hair that needs to be removed in a particular region.
Electrolysis: The causes that induce unwanted growth of hair
Electrolysis as an effective method of hair removal requires many preliminary investigations about the history of unwanted hair growth on a person’s body. There are many reasons that can be strongly attributed for random hair growth.
Unwanted hair growth can be hereditary in nature. Unwanted hair growth is induced as a result of the mutation of a single or multiple gene factor. The result is that this defective gene is passed on from one generation to another. Hormonal imbalance also results in uncontrolled and unwanted hair growth in our body. This in turn can be the result of negative side effects of antibiotics, post pregnancy changes in women, any defective gene becoming dominant, and several other reasons.

In addition to this, studies have shown that prolonged drug addiction and narcotics also initiates and stimulates uncontrolled hair growth. Any chronic illness can also result in uncontrolled hair growth. This could also be related to the indirect effect of antibiotics and treatment methods employed to cure the disease.

It is seen that people who resort to temporary hair removal methods such as chemical depilatories, laser technology and other methods are more susceptible to getting unwanted and uncontrolled hair growth in some specific parts of body.

Electrolysis: How many sessions of treatment are required?
Electrolysis is carried out depending upon the quantity of hair, the region where treatment is required and the person’s adaptability. Recurrent visits to beauty clinics may be required for treatment and each session is spread between 20 minutes to an hour. Initially, clients come once or twice a week and later the frequency is reduced gradually.

Myths about Electrolysis
There are many myths associated with the electrolysis treatment. Many people are of the opinion that the treatment is unbearably painful. It is important to derive information from informed sources. Electrolysis is an easy, precise and comfortable hair treatment procedure when compared to other methods of hair removal. There are others that are of the opinion that Electrolysis is not permanent and that the electric tweezers method is a permanent remedy for unwanted hair growth. However, premier organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes electrolysis as being a permanent and safe method for hair removal.

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