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Electrolysis FAQ

Hirsutism is a condition that is prominently identified as a situation in which women display an excessive growth of coarse and pigmented hair growth, akin to that of a man’s. Although there may be several reasons for this, they all have roots seeped into some kind of hormonal imbalance or the other. The most common reason, is an excessive secretion of a male growth hormone, androgen in the female system. This hormone may produce several male characteristics in women, the most prominent one being the occurrence of visible rough hair growth.

In the modern technologically advanced world of today, with numerous scientific processes discovered almost each day, it would be evident that this condition would also be conquered easily. The good news is that actually this is true, and not just a remote fantasy. Only a proper understanding of this peculiar condition is very necessary to procure and promote treatment plans. And this would include a two-step program of first controlling excessive hair growth and then getting rid of it permanently.

The condition of excessive androgen secretion is scientifically known as Hyperandrogenism. Almost 99% of the cases of Hirsutism are because of this. Only rarely are some cases detected where the cause of Hirsutism is not Hyperandrogenism. The most common conditions identified for Hyperandrogenism are medically termed as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Idiopathic Hirsutism (IH). The basic difference between these two situations is the difference in the degree of Hyperandrogynemia that is, the difference in the levels of androgen hormone in the system. This difference leads to not only the variation in the degree of Hirsutism but also in internal symptoms like menstruation cycle and ovulation being adversely affected.

Some other androgen related reasons for Hirsutism may be hyperandrogenic-insulin resistant-acanthisis nigricans (HAIRAN) syndrome that affects about 3% women, 21-hydroxylase deficient non classic adrenal hyperplasia (NCAH) affecting about 2-8% patients and ovarian and adrenal androgen secreting neoplasms (ASN) affecting a very rare percentage of women.

In addition to this being, a situation that is physically abnormal, the psychological trauma attached because of its visibility is tremendous. The most detrimental fact is its effect on social interaction and popularity levels of such women, leading to deep-rooted emotional disturbances affecting the day-to-day life in all social situations. Thus, it becomes imperative to rectify this situation as soon as the diagnosis is in.

Any treatment of hormonal imbalance however can only deter further progression of hair growth, but it cannot actually reverse the damage already done. For permanent hair removal, Electrolysis or Electrology is the most advanced and permanent solution. Other forms of hair removal including laser technique are all non-permanent, leaving the patient continuously worried about the hair reappearance. Only Electrolysis is a permanent solution. In the process of Electrolysis, permanent chemical destruction of hair follicle is done by passing galvanic current (through DC battery) through sterile needles. The whole exercise is quite comfortable and can be utilized by almost anybody. This technique has been perfected over a period of over a century, and i now in vogue with a lot of consumers, and is producing phenomenal results.

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Electrolysis plays a pivotal role in hormonal treatment of an individual. Just as hormones play an important role in developing masculine and feminine features in the human body, likewise electrolysis treatment plays an indispensable role in giving an individual who is a transsexual her feminine looks, though externally.
The relationship between hormones and Electrolysis as a potent hair control methodology has a far-reaching affect especially on transgender females. This relationship is still at its experimental stages. While some researches are of the opinion that hormones, usually, anti-androgens and electrolytic treatment aid each other to stop hair growth, there are still others that are skeptical of this behavior.
Male hormones like androgens and testosterones in the human body aid in controlling and developing sexual organs, and hair growth on the body. More importantly, androgens trigger receptor cells to produce pubic and axillary or armpit hair, facial hair, hair on arms, legs and many other areas.
The growth of hair that has reached the final stage of development will not be affected even though the secretion of male hormones is stopped further. For transgender females, hairy body is a matter of grave concern, and they can get rid of them permanently only if the dermal papilla is targeted. Herein lies the role of Electrolytic treatment that directly strikes the dermal papilla to destroy it completely thereby leaving smooth, erotic and hair free skin to give feminine appearance.
Electrolysis is the most convenient, modern, reliable and effective method to get rid of transsexual facial hair permanently. For those looking for the right gender friendly Electrologist in the area must choose the one who has a better understanding of hormones and their imminent affects on hair growth. In addition to performing successful electrolysis spanning 6 months to three years and more, the choice of an Electrologist is of paramount importance.
One of the most pertinent outcomes of the treatment of electrolysis is that transsexuals get a sexy and dynamic personality. Statistics reveal that many transgenders experienced a record success with do-it-yourself electrolysis treatment. There are many such kits available in the market nowadays, you need to take care and choose the one that best suits your requirement.
Research findings show that artificially injecting female hormones is no solution to getting rid of all visible hair to have a nicely toned feminine appearance. Yet, there are no official records that hormones have any positive substantial affect on the electrolysis treatment.
For those considering sex reassignment surgery (SRS), it is advisable to go for genital Electrolysis prior to surgery. This is necessary because it will hinder the hair growth in vagina after the surgery. Hormone treatment as a part of genital electrolysis, Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) or Bilateral Orchidectomy greatly affects hair regrowth. For transsexuals it is suggested that they should start electrolysis treatment so as to give themselves a feminine looks. Hormones like sex steroids along with Electrolytic treatment also prove an effective catalyst in retarding the growth in those visible regions.

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Ever since the FDA’s declaration of laser and similar devices as non-permanent methods of epilation, Electrolysis has made a strong come back. Therefore the mushrooming of various big, small, reputed and non-reputed Electrolysis clinics does not come as a surprise. However, it is important and as a consumer it is every client’s right to know if their neighborhood clinic or the more reputed ones, follows the guidelines pertaining to hygiene and safety.

The first step towards undergoing Electrolysis is to find a credible Electrologist and then the clinic where you will be treated. While very few guidelines are in place to monitor the mushrooming Electrolysis clinics, a preliminary inspection should be sufficient to establish the credentials of any clinic.

It is recommended that you seek suggestions from your friends, neighbors and doctors, if they know any. The next stage would be to visit the clinic and gauge the hygienic standards, equipments, workspace and most importantly, the Electrologist!

While on your first visit, you should ask about the price- most clinics charge per 15 minutes or on an hourly basis. One also needs to seek information like, how long has the clinic been in business, the number of clients that they have treated so far, the qualification(s) of the Electrologist(s), and the name of the association that they adhere to- if any, e.g., AEA (American Electrologist’s Association), IGPE (International Guild of Professional Electrologists) and IBE (International Board of Electrologists), to name a few. If nothing else, the clinic should be able to atleast show their current license.

It is important that you observe the professionalism of the employees in the clinic and see if they are polite, helpful and skilled. One must make it a point to meet the Electrologist and retrieve information about his qualifications, experience and at the same time gauge his skills and if more than one Electrologist is entitled to treat you; you should meet the others as well.

Any person, who decides to undergo Electrolysis, needs to confirm from the clinic that they do needle Electrolysis. There are places, which claim to do needle Electrolysis, whereas what they actually do is use electric tweezers and photoepilatos.

Although the list is endless with regard to what you can check while on your preliminary visit- you can see if:
· They are using disposable gloves while treating their clients.
· They are using disposable and sterilized needles.
· The needles and other equipments are kept in a covered container.
· The treatment tables are sanitized and redraped after each treatment.

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