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Electrolysis Hygiene and Safety


Ever since the FDA’s declaration of laser and similar devices as non-permanent methods of epilation, Electrolysis has made a strong come back. Therefore the mushrooming of various big, small, reputed and non-reputed Electrolysis clinics does not come as a surprise. However, it is important and as a consumer it is every client’s right to know if their neighborhood clinic or the more reputed ones, follows the guidelines pertaining to hygiene and safety.

The first step towards undergoing Electrolysis is to find a credible Electrologist and then the clinic where you will be treated. While very few guidelines are in place to monitor the mushrooming Electrolysis clinics, a preliminary inspection should be sufficient to establish the credentials of any clinic.

It is recommended that you seek suggestions from your friends, neighbors and doctors, if they know any. The next stage would be to visit the clinic and gauge the hygienic standards, equipments, workspace and most importantly, the Electrologist!

While on your first visit, you should ask about the price- most clinics charge per 15 minutes or on an hourly basis. One also needs to seek information like, how long has the clinic been in business, the number of clients that they have treated so far, the qualification(s) of the Electrologist(s), and the name of the association that they adhere to- if any, e.g., AEA (American Electrologist’s Association), IGPE (International Guild of Professional Electrologists) and IBE (International Board of Electrologists), to name a few. If nothing else, the clinic should be able to atleast show their current license.

It is important that you observe the professionalism of the employees in the clinic and see if they are polite, helpful and skilled. One must make it a point to meet the Electrologist and retrieve information about his qualifications, experience and at the same time gauge his skills and if more than one Electrologist is entitled to treat you; you should meet the others as well.

Any person, who decides to undergo Electrolysis, needs to confirm from the clinic that they do needle Electrolysis. There are places, which claim to do needle Electrolysis, whereas what they actually do is use electric tweezers and photoepilatos.

Although the list is endless with regard to what you can check while on your preliminary visit- you can see if:
· They are using disposable gloves while treating their clients.
· They are using disposable and sterilized needles.
· The needles and other equipments are kept in a covered container.
· The treatment tables are sanitized and redraped after each treatment.

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