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Electrolysis vs Laser

Electrolysis vs Laser

Electrolysis is an advanced technique of hair removal, which has been researched extensively during it’s inception in the last century. The technique involves transmitting electric current directly to the hair follicles through sterile needles so that the follicle gets permanently destroyed and loses its ability for hair growth.

Since this is a very age-old technique and it has been in use for a very long time, it has emerged as one of the most advanced techniques of hair removal. It is known to work in particular areas and skin types where other techniques do not. Next to Electrolysis the laser technique of hair removal, is considered as the second best. But this technique has several disadvantages, the foremost being its non-permanent nature, the next being its selective approach for delivering different results for different skin types.

It may or may not be a very widely proclaimed fact, but laser technique of hair removal is not a suitable technique for people with dark skin. At least this is the situation at present until technology advances more and widens our circle of present knowledge and understanding.

A lot of literature is available on the suitability of candidature for Electrolysis but none of it can be considered as a dictum. There are varied opinions from several experts on this. Some claim to have treated almost all skin types while others have reservations about certain skin types. One thing is absolutely certain that with the advancement in technology more hidden knowledge in this sphere is bound to surface allowing more and more people to take advantage of the Electrolysis treatment.

Electrolysis is found to be useful for white-skinned gray haired individuals also, who form poor candidates for the laser technique. Even brown-skinned dark haired people may find some negative reports about acceptance of Electrolysis as a suitable hair removal treatment, but no research conducted so far makes this claim concrete. So often, it is seen that more myths regarding the Electrolytic system of treatment prevail and people tend to base their opinions more on hearsay than on actual scientific data.

As far as permanent hair removal methods are concerned Electrolysis is one technique that covers by far the most number of skin and hair types as valid candidates. This makes this technique the most widely acclaimed form of permanent hair removal.

Only an expert practitioner in the field of Electrolysis can judge an individual case after thorough examination of the individual’s profile and medical conditions. Sometimes there may be certain other medical situations, which are extremely case sensitive and in such cases it would be a shame to actually put the blame on the process of Electrolysis or certain skin and hair types before analyzing the matter fully. The content in this article belongs exclusively to You may use this article if you give proper credit to