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Electrolysis is a technique that involves inducing electric current or a chemical into the hair follicle through sterile needles in order to destroy the hair growing capacity of the follicle. This is a sub-epidermal procedure and many precautions are to be taken in practicing this technique to avoid infections and transmission of diseases. In order to safeguard the public from quacks and promote good practices in this field, American Electrology Association established Standards for Practice of Electrology in 1994 and before this in 19991, established Infection Control Standards of Practice for Electrology.
Since most Electrologists are either independent practitioners or operate as consultants in a physician’s office, it is mandatory to bring them under a certain umbrella to prevent malpractices of any kind. Electrolysis is mostly performed to control the condition of excessive hair growth due to some endocrinal malfunctioning. In addition to this, now it is also increasingly being performed for cosmetic reasons. So exercising some control over the practitioner to discourage misconduct is very necessary. The state reserves the right to regulate and certify any occupation if unregulated practice of it can clearly harm the safety and health of the people.

In the case of the practice of Electrology all these forces come into being. Because the technique has applications where insertion of fine needles is necessary deep into the skin of an individual and passage of electricity is compulsory, malpractices can have long lasting effects on a person. The Food and Drug Administration classifies the epilator used by the Electrologists in hair removal as a medical device subject to general regulatory controls by the agency. Internal Revenue Service recognizes the process of Electrolysis as a medical treatment if prescribed by a physician and conducted by a licensed practitioner.
Pitting and scarring can occur in people if the current passed during the process is not thoroughly regulated. In addition, the process of Electrolysis requires the blood barrier to be broken with repeated insertions, which if not done properly can produce clotting and scarring. Also if needles used are not properly sterilized chances of transmission of diseases is very high. So, certification and regulation of practitioners is imperative in order to save the consumers from being duped.
There are incidences of recommendation of this profession to be regulated by Office of Professional Regulation, as a Director-regulated profession. In some people’s opinions this would lead to further harmonize and regulate the practices of the profession of Electrologists.
It is always advisable for clients to go in for treatment with a practitioner certified by the American Electrology Association. This would not only prevent proliferation of uncertified professionals the person can claim necessary expenditure and challenge the practitioner in the court of law, if need be.

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