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Electrolysis is a fantastic hair removal treatment that is indispensable for those who want to permanently remove unwanted hair. The treatment ordains new trends in lifestyle, besides sprucing visible and non-visible parts of your body.

Electrolysis has gained popularity over the years among men, women and young college boys and girls. The best part of the treatment is that it can be done on any part of the body to remove hair and give you a clean and fresh look!

The face is one of the key Electrolysis treatment regions. Whether be it for men or women, both genders prefer to get rid of unwanted facial hair in order to give their appearance a whole new look altogether. The specific hair removal zones on the face for women include hairline, nose, ear sides, eyebrows, chin, upper and lower lips, cheeks and side burnt areas. For men the hair removal zones in are limited to cheeks, hairline, nose, ear sides and beard line.

Electrolysis treatment of the hairline gives a broader forehead and a trendier brow. Besides, it will make you feel younger, hip and happening. Shaping eyebrows is yet another style treatment area that gives more depth and beauty to the eyes. What’s more, your eyes become more expressive and they mirror your personality.

Hair on nose is something to get rid off. Electrolysis treatment of the nose not only gives you a hair free nose, but also gives your nose a more sharper and defined look. Hair removal treatment on the cheeks is ideal if you want to get rid of that hair that may be obvious to an observer. You can also shape your chin, upper and lower lips with electrolysis treatment to give a spruced up jaw line that will put forth vivacious looks.

The hair on the external part of the ear is an outcome of a genetic problem caused by a defective gene. Hair on the ear looks out of place and are a source of embarrassment for many who have it. Continuous and prolonged electrolysis sessions spanning over one to two weeks serve as a solution for many to make their ears appear in good shape, form, and style.

Besides this, the neck and hands are also one of the prominent electrolysis treatment areas. Hair growth on neck and hands is uncomfortable to many because if you are prone to excessive sweating, then your skin may start to irritate and itch. Removing hair not only adds beauty and tone to overall personality but also renders the much-needed push in your social life.

Other equally important, though less visible target treatment areas for Electrolysis include back, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, legs, bikini line, feet and toes. These treatment areas require a lot of attention and patience on the part of an Electrologist, as he or she has to deal with a greater quantity of hair. Furthermore, it is cautioned that breasts and abdominal areas in case of pregnant women should not be treated by Electrolysis owing to enhanced sensitivity and hormonal changes.
Electrolytic treatment brings the much-needed lease of life for those who feel the disadvantage of having hair growth in all the wrong places.

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