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Electrolysis: What and how?
Electrolysis is a latest and innovative technique of removing unwanted hair from your body by inserting a disposable or sterile probe into the pores of the hair follicle, which reaches down to the dermal papilla. The method involves burning the dermal papilla of the hair follicle by passing momentary electric current via a probe in order to stop the growth of unwanted hair. The Dermal Papilla is a very sensitive region and it supplies blood and nourishes your hair. The principal aim of the Electrologist is to destroy this dermal papilla and the surrounding portion thereby retarding the hair growth in the region.
The method is very successful and widely accepted across the globe. Further, the method is recommended and acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration (FAD) and the American Medical Association (AMA), besides other organizations of repute. The process of Electrolysis is safe, easy, comfortable and economical; provided it is carried out under the guidance of a trained and certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis involves a series of treatments spanning two to three weeks depending on the individual person, amount of hair growth and above all the expertise of the Electrologist. Other hair treatment methods such as tweezing, waxing and chemical applications, only destroys the hair shaft but not the root source of the growth, and as a result, hair protrude out from the follicles after a certain period.

Electrolysis: Methods and procedures
Three common methods and procedures are involved in this process. Here Electrolysis is carried out by the action of salt and water around the portion where treatment is to be done under the influence of a small electric current to chemically alter the composition. This results in the formation of sodium hydroxide (NaoH) or Lye. Lye produced, has destructive action on hair papilla and surrounding cells and as a result of this, hair stop to grow in that particular area where the action was done.
Chemically, the following reaction takes place on the skin:
NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) + Feeble Current ——> NaOH (sodium hydroxide) + Cl (chlorine) + H (Hydrogen)
Thermolysis is yet another form of Electrolysis, wherein, the water molecules in t he skin are made to generate heat by the controlled action of feeble current passed through probes. The heat generated as a result of current, causes localized damage to the hair papilla and the surrounding cells that nourishes the hair. This results in no hair growth on the treated area later.
Blend, a lesser known though a smart technique of electrolysis is quiet similar to Galvanic electrolysis, except that in this method Lye is heated to an extent to make it more caustic so that the effect is profound and far reaching.

Benefits of Electrolysis
Electrolysis is packed with numerous benefits. Firstly, the process is safe, permanent and irreversible. Secondly, there are no prolonged side effects visible. Thirdly, the process can be performed easily on men and women. Lastly, compared to other hair removal methods, Electrolysis is quiet effective, economical and less time consuming.

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